Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Handling

1. Packing
Our regular packaging method applied for goods is as follows:  
1.1. The products are wrapped in soft paper and/or in plastic bags and then put in a 5-ply master carton;
1.2. Shipping marks can be labelled on the surface of the master carton;
1.3. You may require special needs regarding packaging. Your packing requirements should be sent to us while you are asking us for a quotation. Special packing needs influence the pricing;
1.4. Barcodes and labels can be printed at your instructions. Your instructions need to be sent to us at least 15 days before shipment;
1.5. The price for wooden package (if required) often varies from 15-20 $US/m3;
1.6. For sample orders, the same packaging methods are also applied as described above;
1.7. In order to assure the safety of product and avoid unforeseen risks that may occurs during transportation, we strongly recommend that you should obtain insurance on all shipments. We can’t be liable for damages by couriers and/or natural disasters. If in the unforeseen circumstance you have a problem, please contact us as soon as possible.
2. Shipping & Handling
2.1. Sea-freight rate:
Cost of shipping depends on the shipping destination and volume or quantity of the shipment. All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees, local handling & tracking fees, packing & stuffing fees, port loading fees and all other local charges levied in the packing and delivery of your container to the port. D.D.C. fees (Document & Destination Charge) levied by the port of destination are not included. Some International ports charge a D.D.C. fee upon the arrival and handling of your shipment in your local port. Please do check with your customs department for more information on D.D.C. charges. When you contact us we will give you a definitive quote for your destination.
2.2. Air freight rate:
Air freight is the fastest way to ship, but also is the most expensive. Cargo is charged by the Kilogram (Kg) but in addition, also by volume, whichever happens to be the greater. Our standard carton is 48 x 58 x 59 cm (18.89 x 22.83x 23.22 inches). According to the cargo calculation, that carton's volume is equal to about 27.4 kilos (LxWxH/6000). If there is less than 27.4 kilos of product in that carton box, then you still will pay for 15 kilos. If there is more than 27.4 kilos, you pay the greater amount.


  • For small orders and/or sample orders, we use Vietnam EMS (Express Mail Service) as our main shipping method. It’s the most reasonable shipping method available in Vietnam in comparison with other EMS providers such as FedEx, DHL, TNT;
  • You may require us to advice on other shipping methods such as Regular Post Service, Air Mail, Air Express;
  • Shipping time: From 3-5 days by express, 10-25 days by normal airmail; 25-45 days by sea depending on location of final port of destination;
  • If you make your own shipping arrangement, please send us your detailed shipping instructions within 01 weeks of order-confirmation.